Club Events

CDMES Events for 2017

2017 Hady Monthly Club Meetings, held in the Club Room, Hady, S41 0EE.

      Dates for 2017
      January    17th            Members only bring and buy night.
      February  21st             Peter Richards - Memories.
      March       21st              A.G.M.
      April         18th              Stuart Watkinson - 3 worst prisons.
      May          16th              John Walker - Building with laser cutting.
      June         20th             TBA
      July          18th              Evening running from 6pm.
      August      15th            TBA
      September 19th           Bob Bramson - talk about Edgar Westbury
      October     17th             Fuzz Jordan - American Rail
      November   21st           Mike Fish - Japan
      December    19th           Photographic & Work in progress Competition

    Loco Running events at Hady
    (usually held on the Saturday after the Club Meeting held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month)

    Wednesday 1st March                               AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Sunday 19th March                                    PUBLIC TRAIN RIDES  12pm - 4pm
    Saturday  25th March                                 RUNNING DAY

    Wednesday 5th April                                  AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Saturday 22nd April                                    RUNNING DAY
    Sunday 23rd April                                        PUBLIC TRAIN RIDES  12pm - 4pm

    Wednesday 3rd May                                   AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Saturday / Sunday 20th / 21st May         MINIATURE RAILWAY OPEN Week End
    Saturday  27th May                                     RUNNING DAY

    Wednesday 7th June                                 AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Saturday   24th June                                 RUNNING DAY
    Sunday 25th June                                      PUBLIC TRAIN RIDES  12pm - 4pm

    Wednesday 5th July                                  AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Tuesday  18th July                                     EVENING RUNNING - 6pm onwards
    Saturday  22nd July                                   RUNNING DAY
    Monday 24th July                                       DIESEL EVENING RUNNING
    Friday 28th July                                          Summer Holiday Public Running 11am - 3pm

    Wednesday 2nd August                           AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Friday 4th August                                       Summer Holiday Public Running 11am - 3pm
    Friday 11th August                                     Summer Holiday Public Running 11am - 3pm
    Friday 18th August                                     Summer Holiday Public Running 11am - 3pm
    Saturday 19th August                                 RUNNING DAY
    Friday 25th August                                      Summer Holiday Public Running 11am - 3pm

    Saturday 2nd  September                          VISITING LOCOMOTIVES DAY
    Sunday 3rd September                              PUBLIC RUNNING  12.00 - 4pm
    Wednesday 6th September                        AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Saturday 23rd September                           RUNNING DAY
    Sunday 24th September                              PUBLIC TRAIN RIDES  12pm - 4pm

    Sunday 1st October                                      2 1/2” Gauge Association Rally
    Wednesday 4th October                              AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Sunday  15th October                                   PUBLIC TRAIN RIDES  12pm - 4pm
    Saturday  21st October                                 RUNNING DAY

    Wednesday 1st November                          AFTERNOON RUNNING
    Saturday  25th November                            RUNNING DAY

    Sunday    3rd December         SANTA SPECIALS  11.30am to  3pm
                                (Pre purchased ticket only, available from September Steaming onwards)
    Sunday  10th December         SANTA SPECIALS   11.30am to 3pm
                                (Pre purchased ticket only, available from September Steaming onwards)
    Monday  1st January 2018                              ARCTIC RUNNING DAY

    All members  and visitors wishing to use their steam locomotives on the tracks are required to have available for inspection their valid membership card and current boiler certificate.
    Spark arrester (not deflector) required on all steam locomotives.
    Safety chains required between the locomotive (all types) and the braked driving trolley;
    using separate fixing points to the normal draw bars.

    Boiler Testing  1st Saturday in Each Month - (Except  September 2017) - 12.30pm - 4.00pm

    Working Party each Wednesday and Saturdays, Except on Running Days - 12.30pm - 4.30pm.